Volunteer Policy

In order to have a successful and thriving homeschooling community, it takes a lot of planning, preparation, time, money, people, and resources to operate Utmost Academy. While our Tutors are busy teaching our children in the classroom, we need every family to help maintain a safe and supported environment for our students to learn in and help to take care of the facility we've been blessed to hold our classes in.  As an enrolled family at Utmost Academy, at least one parent or guardian per family is required to sign up to volunteer a minimum of 1 hour per month. You are more than welcome to sign up for more hours if you desire to do so as additional help is welcomed. If you are unable or choose to not volunteer, a $20 volunteer fee will be added to your tuition each month. Fulfillment of volunteer commitments will be verified weekly by the Utmost Academy Administrative Team. 

Click here to sign up for your monthly volunteer commitment: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080D4FACA622AAFD0-48725293-20242025