Jenny Matthews

Bonjour! My name is Jennifer Matthews. I graduated from Meredith College with a French degree and teaching certification. After several years of teaching, I decided to stay home with my growing family. I have been homeschooling my four children for the last eight years. My faith is the foundation that keeps me going each day. I accepted Christ as a young child and am continually learning more about who He is and His will for my life. I am passionate about languages and other cultures. I love opening these doors of the world to other children.

American History


Course Description:

Wednesday 12:30 P.M - 1:25 PM

America the Beautiful by Nottgrass is an American history course designed for students in grade 6-8. Lessons guide you chronologically through American history highlighting key events, people, and places. We will cover events from the late 1800s to the present.

Required text: ● American the Beautiful Part 2 by Nottgrass ISBN: 978-1-60999-039-8

● Download of the Student Workbook and Maps of America which can be purchased on the Notgrass history website. We are using the 2011 1st edition.

Minimum: 5 students

Tuition: $55/month for 9 months