Jeannette Gratz

I have been involved in the Deaf community for over 20 years. As the mother of Deaf twins, I am a firm believer that ASL makes the world a better place. It is an important language that helps bridge the gap between the Deaf Community and the hearing community. You may be wondering why I capitalize “Deaf Community” and not “hearing community”. That is because the Deaf Community is actually a cultural group, which your child will learn about in ASL class. ASL is such an important language to me and is part of my home life, professional life, and even my ministry as the Deaf Ministry pastor at my church, Southside church. I am thankful for the calling to share life & Jesus with this special  group of people and I look forward to sharing their language with your children as well. I offer a middle school classes 6-8th grade & Middle School/High School ASL 1, 2, & 3.  

MS - American Sign Language (ASL)


Course Description: 

Class: Thursday 12:30 - 1:30 P.M.

This is a 6th - 8th grade class. We will focus on learning language according to categories. To help younger students retain knowledge, everything they learn in a class will be relatable--such as foods, colors, family signs, etc. Eventually, we will string these vocabulary words into sentences that will allow them to discuss or answer questions about different areas of life. 

Note: Middle school students with prior experience may be admitted to a high-school level class by instructor approval following determination of the appropriate level. The student will need to demonstrate an adequate level of maturity to be considered for the higher-level classes. 

Required text: None; handouts provided

Minimum: 5 students

Copy fee: $20; Due by the first day of class, made payable to Jeannette Gratz.

Tuition: $55/month for 9 months