Señora Virginia Flores

For the past 13 years, Jenny Flores has taught high school and middle school Spanish and Orchestra in both private and public schools. Jenny perfected her Spanish while working as a volunteer teacher in orphanages in Honduras during the summer months. A home-school

graduate herself, she earned her master’s degree in music and has twenty years of experience as a music teacher and violinist.

Jenny and her husband Andres (whom she met while volunteering at an orphanage in Honduras) live in Chester with their adopted children Teresa (5), Diego (4), and Monica (8 months). Jenny spends her time homeschooling, trail running and hiking, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Jackie Fowler

Jackie graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a double major in English and Radio, TV and Film. After graduation, she worked as a writer for the 5pm and 10pm newscasts at WRAL in Raleigh, NC. She decided to leave her career at the TV station to pursue her desire to teach and became certified in English Education. She has taught middle and high school English, Honors English, Political, Economic and Legal Systems, as well as drama and music classes. She also holds a Master's degree in Library Science and was a school librarian before the Lord called her to homeschool her first child. She has five children and loves spending time with her family. She also loves teaching and bringing the Biblical worldview to the study of classic literature.

Rebecca Gormley

Rebecca graduated from GMU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. She worked with the Enterprise Rent a Car as a Senior Accountant. She was then hired by the NRO as an Accountant Specialist. She has a passion to help friends and family in their goal to become debt free or get control over their finances. Rebecca has lived her entire life in Virginia. She has two girls who have been homeschooled since Kindergarten. Rebecca believes Jesus Christ is God’s son and has made Jesus Lord of her life. Everything she does and says reflects this salvation and relationship she has with Jesus Christ. Rebecca and her family have a heart for missions both locally and internationally. Rebecca has done mission work in China and Thailand. They have been traveling to Nicaragua for the past four years.

Deborah Guy

I am a lifelong student who loves learning, and who loves to teach even more. My path through college included pre-veterinary studies, a brief encounter with engineering which took me through calculus 2, then on to liberal arts with a focus in psychology and Spanish for my B.S. in Liberal Arts from UF. My next turn took me into the dental hygiene program, earning an A.S. degree. I later entered graduate school (also at UF: Go Gators!) in entomology & nematology, until my first son was born. I always say that I haven't been bored a day since! Although I practiced in the field of dentistry for 27 years as a "career", I will never stop learning. After 13 years of homeschooling my 3 children, I fell in love with teaching just about anything, but my greatest passion is teaching my students, as I did my children, to love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Tamala Howard

My name is Tamala Howard. I have a Criminal Justice Degree and used to work at the Department of Corrections before being called to homeschool when my oldest started kindergarten. I have four children that I am homeschooling. One just graduated from homeschooling last year. I have tutored

other students also. I feel it is a calling to homeschool and feel that God has given us a gift to share with others. I am so grateful to be a part of your lives in this journey. I will do my best to encourage and challenge your child(ren).

Allison Kincaid

Allison is a graduate of Colonial Heights High School and went on to pursue her love of art by attending John Tyler Community College and then VCU. She worked as an interior designer for many years and later became an art teacher at Richmond Christian School. During her career as a designer, she had the privilege of being on the design team for the renovation of the Richmond Capitol. Feeling led in a different direction, Allison became involved in the homeschool community where all three of her children, Jordan, Jonathan, and Landon graduated. She has been teaching elementary, middle school and high school art at a local homeschool co-op for the past 6 years. Approximately six years ago, Allison began working part time with those battling addictions. It was through the merging of her love of teaching and her desire to help others that led her down another path. She began working at a substance abuse recovery facility in expressive art therapy helping those in recovery express through art what they cannot express in words. This led her back to school where she obtained her BS in both Art and Addiction studies at Liberty University graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2019. She is currently working on her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Liberty University full time with the future plans to become a therapist.

Jordan Kincaid

Jordan Kincaid is an illustrator from Richmond Virginia. She is very fond of illustrating monsters, maidens, fairytales, and anything girly! Some of her wonderful clients include: Owlcrate, Alchemy and Ink, Witchcrownbox, Booksnleaf, Bucherbuchse, Maverick, McGraw Hill Education, Pearson, Oxford University Press, and Harper Collins. Growing up Jordan was an artsy and different kid. When teaching, she encourages her students to embrace their differences and express themselves through their work. She takes the verses Psalm 139:13-14 to heart. “You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.” When she is not illustrating or teaching she spends her spare time with her loving boyfriend and her cat.

Jenny Matthews

Bonjour! My name is Jennifer Matthews. I graduated from Meredith College with a French degree and teaching certification. After several years of teaching, I decided to stay home with my growing family. I have been homeschooling my four children for the last eight years. My faith is the foundation that keeps me going each day. I accepted Christ as a young child and am continually learning more about who He is and His will for my life. I am passionate about languages and other cultures. I love opening these doors of the world to other children.

Tasha Schultz

I am Tasha Schultz, I am the Coordinator for the preschool and nursery department at The Heights Baptist. I have a degree in Criminal Justice, English and Paralegal Studies. I am married with four children, we help care for our niece and nephew, a total of six children all together. I am a native of Chesterfield County, Chester area. We have been blessed with the knowledge and opportunity of homeschooling our children for the past nine years and have graduated our oldest, who attends college. Growing up, I had a knowledge of Jesus, my prayer life was developed in my childhood, which gave me a feeling of comfort throughout my teen years. As I grew into my adult years, my relationship with Jesus grew tremendously, which has helped me to develop who I am as a follower of Christ. I feel that having a true relationship with Jesus is important for our next generation when developing their own identity in Christ. Having Godfidence has helped me overcome so many trials. I will be offering this year 1st grade math. Whether the child is a visual learner or auditory learner, I will show the children many different ways to get the same answer, so that the child can find the best learning technique for themselves. Every child is different and there are many ways to learn a skill.

Bob Shanks

Bob Shanks has always loved reading, and as a teen he developed a love for poetry, well-written stories and using his voice to communicate with an audience. Beginning at age 17, he began to learn the art of using his speaking and communication skills in business. Bob Shanks has been an Associate Real Estate Broker for many years, serving families all over the metro Richmond area. He enjoys continuing to learn how to apply Scripture to his work and his relationships as a follower of Christ. In 1987 Bob and his wife, Kathryn, said YES to the Lord’s leading and began homeschooling their four small children. As a team, they continued educating all of them at home through high school. During those years Bob served as a Guest Director for several TeenPact Leadership Schools classes, teaching young people how they can apply Scriptural truths as citizens of both the USA and the Kingdom of God. He enjoys teaching classes from a biblical worldview at his church and at community gatherings. For the seven years, during the Virginia legislative session, Bob served as the full-time lobbyist at the General Assembly, representing Home Educators Association of Virginia and the interests of all home educators in the Commonwealth. Bob volunteers as the President of Richmond Regional Home Educators, an organization that sponsors an annual homeschool graduation ceremony and other homeschool events, and also at Redemption Books, a ministry bookstore in Bon Air.

Kathryn Shanks

Kathryn Shanks and her husband, Bob, began their homeschooling adventure in 1988, and by the grace of God, educated their four children through high school, graduating their youngest in 2006. Kathryn attended seminars, workshops, and conferences to develop her skills as an educator. Even though her own children are now educated adults and parents themselves, Kathryn still loves teaching homeschool classes in speech, debate, French, and government, both at local homeschool academies and at “kitchen table classrooms”. Currently she serves on the board of Richmond Regional Home Educators, and is the founder and head coach of two debate clubs including Verity Speech & Debate Club in Richmond. She has taught classes at several local co-ops and academies, such as Southside Academy, Kingsland Academy, Creative Arts Ministry, Cornerstone Christian Group, James River Home School Foundation, and Chesterfield Christian Academy. Kathryn loves helping a student grow in understanding of a subject, and discovering the excitement of learning, whether it comes in small steps or in leaps and bounds. She believes that children are naturally curious learners, and that they thrive when teachers and parents make learning enjoyable and engaging. She directs her students to find facts, discover connections, and then apply critical thinking, making new concepts and facts “stick”. Kathryn also enjoys storytelling, theatrical costuming, her grandchildren, and anything related to Ireland or Hawaii.

Courtney Vipperman

Hello, my name is Courtney Vipperman. For the past fifteen years I have been an owner/operator of a home daycare. I would teach each child from the age of 2 & up and assist the older children with their homework and additional work during the summer to better prepare everyone for their schoolwork. I have home schooled my own children as well. Along with teaching children regular school curriculum, I have felt it my calling to teach children at their level about the Lord. I am excited to be part of Utmost Academy co-op to help your student not only grow with standard education, but in God's Word as well!

Janice Warren

Janice Warren is a graduate of the College of William and Mary with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. It was during her freshman year in college that she was first introduced to Christ and became a Christian. While in college, she felt led to go into full-time Christian work, which she did for 5 years upon graduation from college. It was during this time that she discovered her passion for teaching. Upon leaving ministry, she married her husband, who has been her partner for over 25 years. She is a former homeschool mom of two, with more than 10 years of homeschooling experience. In addition to teaching her children, her outside teaching experience includes four years of combined private and public-school teaching, and six years of teaching in a cooperative homeschool setting. In the area of science she has taught General Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Marine Biology.

Laura Whorley

I have been a nurse for 14 years. Two very opposite and amazing girls & a sweet pup call me Mom. My hobbies are attempting to grow things, crafts & cooking. As a child, I wanted two things when I grew up: 1) to be a farmer’s wife & 2) to be a missionary. I am far from a farmer’s wife, but we do have chickens & a garden…so that’s close-ish. As far as being a missionary goes, I have not traveled to far off lands and embraced the language & culture in effort to show God’s love to others. Nope. I have stayed home. In the past, I worked as a camp counselor at a Christian summer camp (long, long ago) & taught Sunday school. Most recently, I am enjoying learning more about God and the life He desires for me to live. I do believe that my mission field is at home - homeschooling – as instructed by God.

Our homeschool journey? I felt God’s direction to homeschool & said no. After a hard push (not quite a Jonah & the whale story – but close), I decided to do what the Lord said. Funny how that works. I stepped out on faith, quit my job without having another job, and decided to homeschool. My husband’s response to my homeschooling thoughts: “well, if you think you can do it”. Um…challenge accepted. So, I jumped in, scared to death, worried about screwing up my kids & not having any idea what I was doing BUT knowing that God is in control. I mean really, He makes highways out of seas…He’s got this. This will be our 4th year homeschooling. Now my husband is supportive, and I work 2 part time jobs that give me the flexibility to teach them and still pay the bills. I praise God for the opportunity to teach my children, guide them in the direction of Christ & learn right along with them. Best job ever.