Bob Hines

Bob Hines grew up in Stony Creek, Virginia, where most of his time not in school was spent working at the concrete-pipe plant run by his mom and dad or else playing table tennis in his basement. Being a small-town, Southern boy who was blessed to be good with numbers, he went to the College of William and Mary where he majored in Accounting and Economics. He then went on to earn an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of Michigan. Feeling that he needed just one more degree in order to be complete, Bob attended the University of Virginia where he earned a J.D. to become a lawyer. While at UVA, he met his lovely bride, Christine. Together they ran their own law practice for over 25 years in Richmond and Colonial Heights, specializing in wills and trusts. They also have three sons who were home schooled: Hunter (24), Carson (22), and Roger (14). Bob is passionate about teaching kids to use a Christian worldview to approach every academic subject. While many home school kids have called Bob “coach” on the soccer pitch, he hopes to gain a new nickname this year, “my history teacher.”

American History


Course Description:

Wednesday 9:30-10:55 A.M.


This high school course is designed as a survey of American History from the early Jamestown colony to the present. While students will learn key dates and timelines, the course will examine crucial issues and events (the “who, what, and why”) that shaped our country with a particular focus on critically understanding how the past lessons of history can be applied to today. Students will examine American History as influenced by Christianity, economics, key philosophies and values, technological developments, and societal changes. Students will explore our history from the perspectives of both sides in major conflicts. Critical analysis and Socratic teaching will be key components of this course.

Required materials/fees

BJU United States History Text (5th Edition)

BJU Student Activity Manual

Students will also receive a copy of The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History

Minimum: 4 students

Copy/Supply Fee: $20 due at first class by check made payable to Bob Hines

Tuition: $55/month for 9 months