Christiana Pomaville

Christiana Pomaville is a redheaded follower of Jesus, and she loves all things creative and true. She is a firm believer that God is unimaginably kind and that He makes all things new (she has witnessed His goodness firsthand and loves to tell about it). Christiana enjoys using her gifts of teaching and working with compassion and empathy to help others. She finds delight in working with animals, especially horses. She also has a deep love for the arts, including literature (particularly historical fiction), theater (preferably comedy), and music (preferably good). Christiana also enjoys good food, long sunny days, martial arts, the color rose-gold, and acoustic guitar.

Christiana graduated from Campbell University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, and she has completed several master's classes through Liberty University. She has also gained much experience through jobs such as retail, banking, academic administration, and volunteer work. Christiana loves to help facilitate learning and community, and she looks forward to using her expertise and gifts to do so at Utmost. 

Singing: Basics of the Art of Singing

GRADE LEVELS: 9th - 12th

Class: Thursday 12:30 - 1:30 P.M.

Course Description: 

Music is a universal language impacting cultures far and wide for millennia, it stretches numerous genres, and the songs created through music are too many to count. One way of enjoying music is singing, an art form in itself. Singing requires many skills combined, including determination, patience, gentleness, strength, rhythm, pitch, and tempo. Singing will make the student both feel and think, and they can learn much about themselves and the world around them through this.

This singing class will help the students Grades 9 – 12 learn the following:

Homework: 1.5 – 2 hours / week (includes practice)

Textbook: Alfred Essentials Of Music Theory Series Book 1 (by Surmani, Surmani, and Manus). ISBN: 9780882848945

Minimum Students: 5

Copy/Supplies Fee: $60 (due at first class; check made payable to Christiana Pomaville)

Tuition: $55/month for 9 months