Nick Conner

Hi! I am Nick Conner; a native of Richmond and a graduate of LC Bird High School. In 2015, I had the honor of being signed by the Washington Nationals where I played in their organization until I sustained an injury and was released in 2017. After being released, I wanted to give back to others what had so generously been given to me. With that thought in mind, I established Train Like Pros where working with both baseball and softball players (ages six to sixty-four) is allowing me the opportunity to instill a work ethic, moral character, and a standard of excellency to be maintained both on and off of the playing field. Outside of my facility, I have taken part in the Special Olympics as well as the Local Legends. For the last three seasons I have also been a part of the Cosby High School baseball coaching staff. On a personal note, I was married almost a year ago and I take a very active part in the lives of my seven nephews; yes, that’s right, ALL boys! They range in age from one to sixteen and included in that pack is a set of twins.

P.E. - Physical Education


Course Description: 

**Smaller groups will be made within the class according to age during activities for safety precautions. 

K-6th: Two Options Below --

Wednesday Only:  

Thursday Only:  

Wednesday & Thursday:  

7th - 12th: Two Options Below --

Wednesday Only:  

Thursday Only: 

Wednesday & Thursday: 


Students will have a ton of fun in P.E. with head coach Nick Conner and his assistant Montae Bradshaw, both former MILB players. Students will play games like flag football, whiffle ball, kickball, four square, dodge ball, basketball, and more. 

This class is perfect for kids who love God and sports! Coach Conner is an excellent mentor, great at building a team, and will help your student learn how to build friendships that last a lifetime through sports. 

Minimum: 10 Students per class

(A total minimum of 20 students between both class times. Each student will be evaluated on their skills and needs for small groups.)

Tuition: $60/month for Monday OR Thursday (1-day)


$70/month for Monday AND Thursday (2-day)