Kathy Seymour 

I always love to learn new skills and to take on new challenges.  As a physical therapist, I always try to identify a person’s strengths and to help individuals achieve his or her personal best.  Through the study of science, nutrition, and fitness, we can improve our health and quality of life, honor God by taking care of the body he has given us, and we can better serve Him.   Although this will be my first experience teaching at a co-op, I have had the opportunity to teach classes in the community, been a guest lecturer at the high school and college level, and home school my own children.   I graduated from West Virginia University and have been a licensed, practicing physical therapist for over 25 years.  I recently started my own practice, Enhance Physical Therapy, that offers physical therapy services for children from infant to teens.  I have coached soccer for the James River Eagles Home School Foundation for the past 8 years and am the Kid’s Director at my church.  I am married and have two daughters in college, two sons in high school, three dogs, one cat, and three bunnies.  I enjoy hiking, camping, a variety of sports (watching and playing), movies, playing board games and cards, and traveling to new places.  One of my favorite Bible verses is Romans 12:2 and my prayer as I teach is that my students will grow closer in their relationship with Jesus and seek God’s will in their lives.   

Anatomy and Physiology

GRADE LEVEL: 10th-12th 

Class: Monday 10:00 - 11:00 A.M.

Course Description: 

This high school class will cover the structures and functions of the 11 systems of the human body and discuss related diseases and pathophysiology. A Biblical view will be used to discover how amazing the body is designed.   Careers that focus on anatomy and physiology will be explored.  Students will gain a working knowledge of many medical terms.  Hands on activities and labs will be part of this class.  Home work will be assigned for days in between classes.  This class is a good introduction for high school students considering a medical related career or who would like an additional science class. 

Required materials/fees



Either Biology or a Life Science Class is recommended before taking this class but is not required.

Minimum:  5 students  

Materials/Supply Fee of $15.00 due by the first class. Make checks payable to Kathy Seymour.

Tuition: $55/month for 9 months