Courtney Vipperman

Hello, my name is Courtney Vipperman. For the past fifteen years I have been an owner/operator of a home daycare. I would teach each child from the age of 2 & up and assist the older children with their homework and additional work during the summer to better prepare everyone for their schoolwork. I have home schooled my own children as well. Along with teaching children regular school curriculum, I have felt it my calling to teach children at their level about the Lord. I am excited to be part of Utmost Academy co-op to help your student not only grow with standard education, but in God's Word as well!

Language Arts


Course Description:

Wednesday: 11:00 A.M. - 11:55 A.M.


Lessons have poetry woven in to increase reading fluency and vocabulary and to instill beautiful language patterns in children’s minds. Thoroughly covers phonics, reading, writing, spelling, grammar, usage, punctuation, vocabulary, geography, and art appreciation and instruction

  • Beautifully integrates and encourages a love of poetry, nature, high character, and wholesome, powerful literature

  • Combines aspects of Charlotte Mason and classical learning styles

  • Takes a faith-based, non-denominational Christian approach, reviewed by a team of more than 30 editors representing many Christian denominations; focuses on very basic Biblical principles such as kindness and honesty.

Required materials/fees

Minimum: 2 students

Tuition: $50/month for 9 months