Courtney Vipperman

Hello, my name is Courtney Vipperman. For the past fifteen years I have been an owner/operator of a home daycare. I would teach each child from the age of 2 & up and assist the older children with their homework and additional work during the summer to better prepare everyone for their schoolwork. I have home schooled my own children as well. Along with teaching children regular school curriculum, I have felt it my calling to teach children at their level about the Lord. I am excited to be part of Utmost Academy co-op to help your student not only grow with standard education, but in God's Word as well!

Language Arts


Course Description:

Monday: 10:00 A.M. - 10:55 A.M.


Level 1 Language Arts Course includes a daily lesson format and streamlined resources. This open-and-go course guides students through learning using engaging, varied lessons and activities. Beautiful, diverse illustrations and stories are incorporated into the Level 1 Reader which is an integrated part of the course.

  • Phonics, Reading, & Spelling

  • Grammar & Punctuation

  • Literature & Writing

  • Art Appreciation

Required materials/fees

Minimum: 2 students

Tuition: $50/month for 9 months