Deborah Guy

I am a lifelong student who loves learning, and who loves to teach even more.  My path through college included pre-veterinary studies, a brief encounter with engineering which took me through calculus 2, then on to liberal arts with a focus in psychology and Spanish for my B.S. in Liberal Arts from UF.  My next turn took me into the dental hygiene program, earning an A.S. degree.  I later entered graduate school (also at UF:  Go Gators!) in entomology & nematology, until my first son was  born.  I always say that I haven't been bored a day since! Although I practiced in the field of dentistry for 27 years as a "career", I will never stop learning.  After 13 years of homeschooling my 3 children, I fell in love with teaching just about anything, but my greatest passion is teaching my students, as I did my children, to love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Math-U-See Primer

Course Description

In Primer your child will learn how to write numerals and also addition and subtraction, basic counting, skip counting, geometric shapes, telling time, and also be introduced to the manipulative block system. It’s a gentle introduction to “doing math.” 

Major Concepts and Skills Include:

Additional concepts and skills:

Required texts:


Primer & Science Combo


Class: Monday 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

This is a 2-subject class hour designed for kindergarten students. Each course description is listed below. Both classes must be registered for as one course, not separately.

Minimum: 5 students

Combined tuition which covers both classes is: 

$50/month for 9 months

**Tuition will be reduced by $5/month when the minimum of 5 students is reached. If fewer than 5 students register for the class, you will be notified in early August. Classes of fewer than 5 students may still be offered, but are not guaranteed.

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Science - Adventures in Creation

Course Description: 

Adventures in Creation Level 1 of Master Books’ award-winning Let’s Talk Science series is designed to bring the Bible to life and instill a love for science. Through exploration, investigations, and Biblically-inspired stories, this early elementary homeschool curriculum reveals science as a wonderful tool God has given us to study His creation.

Adventures in Creation offers a hands-on learning experience that will encourage your student’s curiosity. The lessons and experiments are easy to prepare and can be completed in approximately 20 minutes. Additional work will be completed at home since this course is designed for 3 days per week.

Required Texts:  Adventures in Creation: Level 1*

**SKU MB174-8


**Please purchase the PAPERBACK book, NOT the e-book.

*Teacher's Guide is part of the curriculum pack because each student must have their own copy: it includes all worksheets, quizzes, and tests.

Materials Fee:  $30 Paid to tutor at first class (check made payable to Deborah Guy).