Courtney Vipperman

Hello, my name is Courtney Vipperman. For the past fifteen years I have been an owner/operator of a home daycare. I would teach each child from the age of 2 & up and assist the older children with their homework and additional work during the summer to better prepare everyone for their schoolwork. I have home schooled my own children as well. Along with teaching children regular school curriculum, I have felt it my calling to teach children at their level about the Lord. I am excited to be part of Utmost Academy co-op to help your student not only grow with standard education, but in God's Word as well! 

History- Bede's History of Me

Course Description:

Bede (pronounced like "bead") is a timeline ... who strongly resembles a ball of yarn. This lovable character introduces young children to the basics of history in a fun way–once a week–all year long. Topics include: how a timeline works, family history, the history of holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc.), the history of toys, the history of sports, and more. Even a little Church history is included! 

History is, in a sense, a compilation of all of the victories and failures of humankind as God leads us. It is important that students not only understand the events of the past, but the significance of how those events affect their own lives. This appreciation of history will help them shape their future. Bede’s History of Me lays a groundwork for later years of study. 

Required Texts: Copy of Bede's History of Me


Materials Fee: $30 Paid to tutor at first class (Check payable to Courtney Vipperman).

Language Arts & History Combo


Class: Monday 11:00 A.M.-12:00 noon

This is a 2-subject class hour designed for kindergarten students. Each course description is listed below. Both classes must be registered for as one course, not separately.

Minimum: 5 students

Combined tuition for both classes is: 

$50/month for 9 months

**Tuition will be reduced by $5/month when the minimum of 5 students is reached. If fewer than 5 students register for the class, you will be notified in early August. Classes of fewer than 5 students may still be offered, but are not guaranteed.

Scroll down for individual course descriptions:

Language Arts

The Good and The Beautiful

Course Description: 

The Level K Language Arts course is all you need to teach your child to read and to lay a strong foundation in language arts! This full-year kindergarten language arts course incorporates God, family, nature, beautiful art, and strong moral values.

This beautiful and academically strong course combines the following subjects into one easy-to-teach, no prep-time needed course: reading, phonics. writing, spelling, literature, grammar & punctuation, geography, and art. 

Required Texts:  The Good and The Beautiful Level K set.